GLASSHOUSES: Songs from the poetry collection and then some

I had a blast putting this playlist together.

‘GLASSHOUSES: Songs from the poetry collection and then some’, featuring The Cure, Nick Drake, Ofra Haza, Abel Korzeniowski, Low, Pulp, Squarepusher, etc, is available now on Spotify.

Happy listening!


Idly tossing stones: Glasshouses reviewed by Joseph Schreiber

Warm thanks to Joseph Schreiber for writing about Glasshouses so thoughtfully:

[This] is a collection that feels intensely intimate and personal, in the sense that Barnes seems to be engaging directly with his reader, sharing his love of the poets who have guided him, directly or through his careful reading, drawing inspiration from his family and from his own experience as a gay man, and openly riffing on the influence of music and pop culture. The wide range of voices that emerge, together with the variety afforded by his delight in structure and form, allows for a reading experience that never falls into tired and predictable patterns.

And here’s Joe on the cento (my book includes five):

If a line that catches me short in a cento actually originates from another work, who owns the power? The poet who crystalized the image, or the poet who re-envisions it, a jewel among other salvaged (and fully credited) jewels? Or—and I should hope this is correct—both but in different ways?

You can read Joe’s full review here and buy a copy of Glasshouses here (use promo code CELEBRATE at checkout to receive free shipping, Australian and New Zealand shipping addresses only, offer ends midnight January 10).

New poem in Overland

I’ve a cento about kindness (with lines from joanne burns, Jill Jones, John Kinsella, David Malouf, Dorothy Porter et al) in Overland 229, out this week, alongside many of my favourite writers. Thanks to editors Toby Fitch and Jacinda Woodhead. You can pre-order a copy here.

Tincture Journal Issue 20

The final Tincture is available now!

Issue 20 includes fiction by Nigel Featherstone, non-fiction by Johannes Klabbers, creative non-fiction by Yen-Rong Wong, and poetry by Alice Allan, Luke Best, Jennifer Compton, Shastra Deo, Alison Flett, Rachael Guy, Carmen Leigh Keates, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, Paul Scully and Jane Williams.

You can read the Editorial, by Daniel Young and myself, here, and buy a copy here.

Thanks to Daniel Young, to every poet who sent their work to Tincture, to every reader, subscriber and supporter! Five years … A real blast!