Tincture Journal Issue 20

The final Tincture is available now!

Issue 20 includes fiction by Nigel Featherstone, non-fiction by Johannes Klabbers, creative non-fiction by Yen-Rong Wong, and poetry by Alice Allan, Luke Best, Jennifer Compton, Shastra Deo, Alison Flett, Rachael Guy, Carmen Leigh Keates, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, Paul Scully and Jane Williams.

You can read the Editorial, by Daniel Young and myself, here, and buy a copy here.

Thanks to Daniel Young, to every poet who sent their work to Tincture, to every reader, subscriber and supporter! Five years … A real blast!


This is the end, beautiful friend …

Yes, yes, it’s true.

If you missed our announcement on Twitter yesterday, here it is: our forthcoming Issue 20 is going to be the final issue of Tincture Journal. Our last hurrah!

We’ll have more to say in the final editorial, but the short version is that after 5 years and 20 issues it feels right to step aside and cede some ground for newer publications to flourish. Let’s hope they do!

Issue 20 will be released on 1st December and it’s going to be FANTASTIC, so stay tuned for that. We’ll also be working on making the full archive of Tincture back issues easily and freely accessible in all formats (including PDF) and at the NLA. We’ve gathered a remarkable showcase of Australian and international writing and we want it to live on.

Thanks everyone for all your support over time and of course a special thanks to the other volunteers who’ve come along for this ride with me and put in a lot of hard work.

Daniel Young, Tincture Journal founder and editor