New poems in Southerly Journal

Happy to have three new poems in Southerly Journal 77.3 Mixed Messages, alongside writing by Toby Fitch, Siobhan Hodge, S.K. Kelen, John Kinsella, Chris Lynch, Nasrin Mahoutchi and Shey Marque et al.

‘Ghazal for Tina’ and ‘from Binary Tree Poems’ are published in the journal, which can be purchased here; ‘cws’, an anti-Twitter villanelle, appears in the Long Paddock.

Thanks to editors Elizabeth McMahon, Michelle Hamadache and Kate Lilley.



Cordite 88: TRANSQUEER

I’m delighted to be guest co-editing Cordite 88: TRANSQUEER with Quinn Eades.

TRANSQUEER is a call for you to say something that maybe you haven’t been able to say before. It asks you to find poetry in / between lines, binaries and stultifying categorisations; from the life of flesh, from inside the bleating, many-chambered heart of gender and sexuality. We want transgressive poems, transonic poems, transmontane poems. We think of a few lines from Sylvia Plath, ‘Balloons’ – ‘Yellow cathead, blue fish— / Such queer moons we live with / Instead of dead furniture!’ – and of their elegant translucence. Come into being. Send us your gasps, your yells, your manifestos, your moments in the mirror – say something. Send us your work, and ask us to believe it, weeping. The time for TRANSQUEER poetry is here.

Submissions close 11.59pm Melbourne time on Sunday, 5 August.

Full guidelines here.

Rabbit 24: The LGBTQIA+ Issue

Happy to have a poem alongside new work by some of my favourite people and poets, including Jarad Bruinstroop, Quinn Eades, Zenobia Frost, Angela Gardner, Rebecca Jessen, Jill Jones, Kate Lilley, Antonia Pont and Stephen J. Williams et al., in the Michael Farrell-edited LGBTQIA+ Issue of Rabbit, to be launched by Michael on Friday 18 May, 6–8pm, Gleebooks, Glebe (RSVP here). Hope some of you Sydney folk can make it!


Happy World Poetry Day! New poem in Stilts Journal

Happy World Poetry Day!

I’ve a new poem, about growing up gay in 80s and 90s Tasmania, in Stilts Journal Issue 1, alongside work by R.A. Briggs, Lachlan Brown, Broede Carmody, Shastra Deo, Quinn Eades, Liam Ferney, Mindy Gill, Jill Jones, John Kinsella, Caitlin Maling, Ellen van Neerven, Damen O’Brien and Fiona Wright.

Congratulations to Stilts’ editors Ella Jeffery, Emily O’Grady and Zenobia Frost on the launch of this terrific new poetry journal and thanks for publishing ‘In Heaven I’ll be quite normal (, or Pentina to Doone Kennedy, after The Smiths)’.


New poems in foam:e and StylusLit

Three new poems have recently gone online:

‘Blindness’ and ‘In the navy’, at foam:e, edited by Angela Gardner and Carmen Leigh Keates;

‘The 52 Hertz Whale’, in StylusLit, edited by Rosanna Licari.

These journals also include poems by David Adès, Davina Allison, Natalie D-Napoleon, Rose Hunter, Andy Jackson, Rebecca Jessen, Heather Taylor Johnson, Jill Jones, Brenda Saunders, Ynes Sanz, Shriram Sivaramakrishnan, David Stavanger, Les Wicks and Jena Woodhouse.

New poem in Marrickville Pause

Pleased to have a new poem, ‘Chalicento’ (a cento from Ern Malley), in Marrickville Pause Issue 3: Spiel, edited by Jake Goetz. Jake’s also included two poems that were first published in Glasshouses: ‘ENDONE® Oxycodone hydrochloride 5 mg’ (a remix of ENDONE Oxycodone hydrochloride’s CMI) and ‘The Rabbit Catcher’ (a remix of Sylvia Plath’s ‘The Rabbit Catcher’).

You can read all three, plus writing by Ken Bolton, Pam Brown, Nick Chlopicki, Toby Fitch, Walter Gabriel, Duncan Hose, Cath Kenneally, Melody Paloma, Eva Philips and Kelly Poole, here.

New poems in Plumwood Mountain, Cordite, Overland

Three new poems have recently gone online:

‘senescencento’, at Plumwood Mountain, guest edited by Michael Farrell;

‘Double Acrostic’, at Cordite, guest edited by Lachlan Brown and Nathanael O’Reilly;

‘From Nonets’, at Overland, edited by Toby Fitch.

These issues also include poems by Lisa Brockwell, Eileen Chong, Carmine Frascarelli, Jill Jones, Chris Lynch, Alvin Pang, Jonno Revanche, Michele Seminara and Jessica L Wilkinson.