Glasshouses’ second review

I’m thrilled about the second review of Glasshouses, which comes hot on the heels of the book’s Melbourne launch at The Brunswick Street Bookstore and a reading at La Mama Poetica.

Many thanks to Cass Moriarty for her detailed, appreciative, beautifully-written piece. And huge congratulations to Cass, whose novel The Promise Seed has been longlisted for the 2017 International Dublin Literary Award!

From Cass’ review:

‘[Stuart Barnes’] poetic pieces […] surprise us with their unusual structure and language, […] confront our close-held perceptions, and […] explore the spectrum of human emotion. Stuart skilfully plays with the poetic form throughout – making use of strange words, different fonts and unexpected punctuation, mixed in with more traditional structure. … [He] celebrates themes as diverse as the environment and landscape, literary repetition, and journeys. His poems explore sexuality, grief and illness. … Certain themes feature: the moon, colours, food, nature. … [Glasshouses] is not to be read once and discarded, but to be kept by the bedside, to be dipped into at will again and again …’



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